Exemplary cases

Some examples and applications of our work. Click on the cases for more information. On protecting clients’ interests only previous academic work, generic or published results of enmodes employees are shown here.

Rotary Blood Pumps

Goal: Optimization of Rotary Blood Pumps (RBPs) and hydrodynamic bearings

Solution: Response surface methodology (RSM) is used to explore the relationships between geometric variables and multiple response variables by using a minimal sequence of designed experiments (DOE) to obtain an optimal response. Using goal driven optimization (GDO) the best possible designs are obtained which fulfill the objectives or constraint.


Total Artificial Heart

Goal: Quantitative evaluation of the washout efficiency of a pulsatile Total Artificial Heart (TAH)

Solution: A Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) simulation of the artificial heart pumping process was combined with an in-house developed blood washout model


Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Goal: Investigation of the flow field during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) including wall movement and the dynamical behavior of cerebral autoregulation (CA) mechanisms

Solution: A multiscale multiphysic description was established which includes cerebral autoregulation and movement of aortic walls on the basis of in vivo measurements

Mechanical Heart Valve

Goal: Analysis of the flow field of an opening mechanical heart valve

Solution: An FSI simulation of the heart valve was performed using the Immersed Boundary Method (IBM). Stresses and forces on the leaflets were quantified.

Material Modeling

Goal: Classification and implementation of biological tissue and filled elastomers

Solution: Experimental results from material testing are used for the parameter identification of an anisotropic hyperelastic strain-energy function (Holzapfel model).