RAS-Q – The Lung in a Backpack

RAS-Q® is a portable artificial lung that will offer a new therapeutic approach for patients suffering from pulmonary diseases. The device is based on conventional lung support technology, but also includes the lung’s flexible movement via a patented device-integrated compliance. This results in an extremely low flow resistance, allowing for lung support without the need for a blood pump. Therefore, mobilization of lung support patients will be possible for the first time.

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Empowering Innovative Solutions

The increasing complex engineering concepts associated with  novel medical devices necessitate new tools to support the development process. Computer-aided simulations promise to reduce research and development time and costs compared to conventional approaches. A better understanding of the hemodynamic conditions of your blood-carrying medical devices and detailed insight into the structural mechanics of your implant will lead to more control in the design process.

We focus on your needs and provide modular services according to your requirements: basic engineering support, modeling consultation, design analysis and wide range of design optimization. Our services are based on our long term experience in numerical simulation and medical device development. Together with our various partners from industry, academia, device testing facilities and healthcare, we will help you bring your medical device to the market – more promtly, efficiently and successfully.

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