Enmodes GmbH is a globally active developer and manufacturer for medical products with focus on cardiovascular circulatory support systems.



enmodes was founded in Aachen, Germany,
on an exceptional expertise in simulation science


ISO 13485 Certification

ISO 13485 certification acknowledged and approved by TÜV Süd. (Verify certificate)

Proven Experts

State-of-the-art cardio-pulmonary medical devices optimized & developed with expertise deeply rooted in academic foundation and sharpened by 10+ years of successful transfer to application in industries and clinics.

International Reach

70+ successfully completed projects with leading industrial partners worldwide, always pushing the boundaries of current limitations towards advanced applications and standards.

Fully committed

40+ employees in Aachen, Germany, and 30+ employees from our partner (Lungshield medical) in China devote their extraordinary talent to continuously expand knowledge and enhance clinical usability.

Contact Our Team

Find us in Aachen (Germany)

enmodes GmbH (Headquarter)
Wilhelmstraße 38, 52070 Aachen

Tempelhofer Str. 16, 52068 Aachen


+49 (0)241 412-510-71